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CT scan injector device

“Radin” contrast injector:

Flow Rate (range & increments): 0.1 to 10 mL/sec in 0.1 mL increments

Volume (range & increments): 1 mL to 200 mL syringe:

syringe capacity in 1 mL increments

Programmable Pressure Limit (psi/kPa): 325 psi, 2241 kPa

Scanning Delay: 0-900 seconds ,in 1 second increments

Syringes (Volume capacity): 200 mL sterile disposable syringe

Maximum Number of Phases: 6

Maximum Number of Protocols: 28

we are looking for agents in other countries.

For more information please contact:info@ipkmedical.com)




Special sale of radin model injector with three years of device and warranty of engine and linear system in lifetime

Why buy Radin model injector?

And honestly, what are the benefits?

The answer to this question, although in these few rows, but we give you a few reasons for the competitive advantage of this model:

1- Almost completely the new generation of CT scan and angiography injectors we have all the options in the world.

2- The biggest cost of repairing these devices is due to the penetration of liquids into the circuitry, the design of these devices is such that almost this risk has been reduced to zero.

3- Localization and design of all mechanical parts and programming and circuitry by the company’s engineers (this is a great advantage in the direction of significant reduction in maintenance costs).

4- Production of all the required consumptions from syringe to connector and cane tube remains quite competitive in terms of the next costs

5- Very user-friendly software and free upgrades

6- Using the highest quality parts

In addition to the high advantages of very reasonable price and satisfaction of all installation centers, whether in terms of quality of work and after-sales services and reasonable price of consumers, it has made it easier for medical imaging centers to purchase this device.

Please contact the company if you need more information or demos of the device.

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