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Urea paper kit

Rapid Urease Test (Hpylori):

Speed, accuracy and convenience combined in a cost effective urease test for Helicobacter Pylori. it is the world’s leading dry rapid urease test.

our RUT, process releases more of the reactive material (Urease) into the test more quickly than any other test in the market place. Gel refrigerated tests and mixed solution tests are less reactive. The stomach biopsy sample is placed in the well at the back of the kit test. With the test placed on a flat surface, the user can firmly press down on the well for a few seconds with the thumb. This negates the need for solution mixing or gel manipulation.

Key features:

  • No Refrigeration Required
  • No Need to Pre-Heat Test
  • Easy to Use with Fast Results – Within 1-20 Minutes!
  • Visually Indicated Results
  • Two-Year Shelf Life

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